Force, Work, Power and Energy & Light (ICSE Grade X) - Term 1

Force, Work, Power and Energy, Light (ICSE Grade X) - Term 1

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Created by Rahid T Last updated Sun, 14-Jun-2020 English
What will i learn?
  • Should be able to understand the concepts of Force, Work, Power and Energy
  • Should be able to understand the concepts of Light

Curriculum for this course
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Force, Work, Power and Energy
1 Lessons
  • Force, Work, Power and Energy
  • Light
  • Class IX Science
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Force, Work, Power and Energy, Light (ICSE Grade X) - Term 1

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Rahid T was born (9th May 1993) at wayanad In india. He is a very talented person. He is a teacher and psycholgist by profession.His father is a businessman named Azeez T, and his mother is house wive and a singer too. He got special talenting skills in teaching. (Career path)From his childhood he practices many type of social skills wich enhanced his lifes softskills as well as hardskills.His teachhing carrier started from his childhood. He had a cousin sister. Her parents were seperated from her childhood. So it was his responsibility to take care of her education. So he made a lot of improvement during his childhood.His teacher always placed him the backbench due to his tall body. so he sat with backbenchers, It also improved him a lot,because the backbench friends were very lovely and respectful to him as a friend, they began to ask doubt with him, it was his duty to clear his friends doubts too. It was a great oppurtunity for him to teach and imrove himself. So he learned a lot, he was so curious to clear his doubts for his friends too. while the time of his graduation he was fired from his class for asking too much doubts, and they challenged him that to take the class. So he took the challenge and lead the class. Then his colleques started to ask the doubts instead of teachers. He took two different level of graduation one is computer science with maths and the other one is psychology.He was confident enough to lead a tuition center after his studies. He began a tuition centre after finishing his academic studies. He went to a world popular orphanage to teach and aware about different types of childrens including special children. after finshing the work from the orphanages he went to bombay and soudi arabia. In soudi arabia he worked in jedhah international airport.He got the opportunity to interact with the people from all over the world. Then he came back to India to do good services for the society. The task from Central Government and state government project for child enhanced his career, also he worked in Social Justice Department and Childline, he got an award from UNICEF as an honor. Then he worked in many educational institution as a teacher, Counsellor & motivator. He is planning to to make a big impact in education through the right education and transforming all their goodness to the society. Through his career, he made a connection with children. With core subjects physics chemistry biology and maths.He is creating new strategy for transforming the real face of education.

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